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Maya the siren nude

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I think that she's some sort of experiment. Posted January 2, Quite awesome seeing borderlands modifiable with its textures. Young asian escorts london. Angel did not have them when her picture was taken for Jack's desk, which seems pre-teen-ish to me.

How can he know what he is doing when he is blind in a desert, let alone aim with a shotgun? That's where she was getting supplies from. The insane doctor lead the smaller girl into her room, looking at the large variety of beakers and test tubes. Maya the siren nude. Yeah, sounds about right. Let me know if you need anything else. Hyperious launched another destructive wave, crippling the unaware Mechromancer.

Last edited by a moderator: Just because she's not revealed to be a siren in that game doesn't mean she doesn't count towards the total number of sirens at that time. Nakos View Profile View Posts. Unblock big tits. I'm working on it. Handsome Collection newbie guide Resources: Final Source If present, the source field will be changed to this after replacement.

Maya the siren nude

I've added quite a few new textures since I made the first post and will likely be uploading the most recent update in the next few hours. One, she's super arrogant about everything annoying, but not enough for hatebut the big thing is that she hates music. OP got it wrong. It would be better if after the ceiling chair mission, tannis would look up at the ceiling and talk to philipe.

Not sure if there is a newer "latest and greatest" version out there. I played the first Borderlands but I haven't gotten around to playing the second one yet. SamusJul 24, Log in or sign up in seconds.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Please let me know in this thread if you have any areas or items you have a specific interest in getting this treatment. When I do so, I shall also upload specific screenshots of the original textures and the additions. Second, her attraction to Eridium. Nice milf anal. Just had to close it and problem solved. If there a number of people are all requesting the same thing then I will give that priority.

This wanting of Eridium and its by-products could be for scientific purposes, but she could be testing it on herself after seeing Lillith's reaction to the vault opening.

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As soon as she reached the Crimson Raider HQ she sprinted for the bathroom, pushing Zer0 and Brick out of her way for her brief quest for relief.

Please let me know in this thread if you have any areas or items you have a specific interest in getting this treatment. Sexy girls from the 80s. But something I think is strage. But you still have your job to do, investigate the wormhole, while I fondle your adorable little reproductive organ.

With Angel dead, that leaves one open spot and two Sirens we have yet to discover. If I could do it with a music-themed gun that'd be even better.

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Is it because of the "standing offer"? Uh, Angel is alive and talking to your character during BL1? Posted July 22, Mar 27, Messages: With the exception to the Siren's boots and gloves and Gaige's stockings and shoes; they were both relatively naked.

Will you please include this head in your next update, it would be very appreciated. Dec 28, Messages: Current sirens have markings tattoos. Also having commander steele kinda debunks that. Maya the siren nude. He had a problem with twitching, but this wasn't just a simple, harmless twitch.

Tannis notes that a siren has an amazing awakening of power after the vault is opened, and that Lillith is having a strange reaction to it, and her hair smells "Like olives, no, fried pickles" I'm pretty sure that to make a scientific statement, Tannis would need more than one source to test this Siren - vault opening reaction before saying "yep, sirens are connected to vaults, yee hawl".

Last edited by a moderator: Thanks for the response. I could be wrong tho Her hands gripped the bed sheets tight as she tried to endure the pounding the Siren was giving her. PC players may join our Steam group. Maya the siren nude. The Mechromancer leaned forward to cup ad massage the Siren's breasts while she fucked her as hard as she could. Did some searching and found this: With a strong thrust, she broke through the hymen, electing a shriek from Gaige.

My apologies, I completely missed the part of your post in which you stated you were joking! Gaige pulled out of the blue haired lady, and rubbed herself for a moment, letting a few more shots of cum paint Maya's ass.

But, we know that all sirens with siren powers have tattoos, which Tannis cannot have.


Haha yep, I would love to see that March 19, at Tanya tate zoey holloway and cassie laine are It was there, somewhere, but she couldn't see it. Ivy makes them bad December 30, at Preview scene 3 sookie in fuckland drink me May 25, at She couldn't see anything around it, for where she normally had unimaginable chakra contained was enough for three clones at the maximum.

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